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The development of “Varkalai: The Cradle of Destiny” has begun!

Dekreed Interactive announces the development of the first chapter of Varkalai: The Cradle of Fate, a videogame made by an international team, with the outstanding participation of Venezuela, who, in addition to providing the general concept of the game and its narrative, also contributes with the general direction. 2022 will be the year in which this work of the 9th art will be available to shake the gaming world.

It is not the first time we hear of Venezuelans participating in great feats, but it is the first time that a group of young people from Lechería participates directly in a project of such magnitude in the gaming industry.

Dekreed is an independent game development studio that was born more than 10 years ago, initially as a group of gaming enthusiasts that gradually gathered allies around the world, mainly in Latin America. Currently our main base is located in the Netherlands, with operations centers in the United States and now also in Venezuela.

Having been fortunate enough to participate in a variety of private projects, we have decided to capitalize on the experience gained by producing our first large-scale work. Varkalai: The Cradle of Destiny is the first of three chapters, whose concept is a convergence between science fiction, pseudo-science and modern science. An adventure that takes place in a different existential plane, where our protagonist; Korioss, along with his companions Zeghay, Nassae and Gashin will fight relentlessly to avoid universal extinction, facing challenges that will make us question what happens inside -and outside the game-.

We will not be able to experience the world of Varkalai in its vast immensity until 2022, however, we expect to have a concept trailer in mid-April 2021 and a playable demo a couple of months later, in addition to the small key pieces and surprises that the studio will be sharing as we get closer to its release date; videos, images, NFT's, exclusive interviews and more, which will help us to put together this incredible puzzle.

There is no doubt that the mystery surrounding Varkalai is captivating, fresh and exciting. A videogame whose purpose is to challenge our knowledge and encourage the expansion of its players' consciousness, will you dare to decipher its enigma?