The Magna sileo is about to begin

The Magna sileo is about to begin

The New Age Rules Has Been DEKREED

Dekreed is a community driven independent game development studio. We work with the firm purpose of reviving the golden age of video games, combining the spirit of yesterday with the technologies of tomorrow.


As true lovers of the videogames world, we know how to recognize the differences between a simple commercial product and an epic interactive experience created with the heart. Heart is our raw material.


Our development team is made up of people from all over the world. We don't come together to create products, we come together to have fun creating the most amazing worlds and adventures.


It is not a secret that the development of video games is a complex and extensive activity. For us it is common practice to divide the tasks and distribute them in hackathons.

Our Current Projects

Discover some of the projects we have been working on.

After the end and before creation, there is a period in which the rules that will govern the universe are written. This process is known as… Magna Sileo.

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Forbidden Cult

More than a worthy tribute to Hellraiser, a chilling experience developed by the Dekreed community… just for fun.

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The Law Of The Strongest

When everything around you falls apart, when you are sure that the end has come, your only purpose will be to protect your loved ones.