Dekreed's official crypto asset, available within the Waves.Exchange ecosystem. It offers exclusive benefits to members of the Dekreed community, among which are:

  • Decentralization of the internal economy in all video games created by Dekreed Interactive based on this feature.
  • Financing community projects.
  • Acquisition of exclusive items and NFT's.
  • Voting Power.
  • Access to secret areas in all games created by Dekreed Interactive.
  • Access to Restricted Areas on Dekreed Interactive websites and partner platforms.

Technical Specs:

Issuer: 3PAeKs9PTYooL9RZEEun9WybF5GaVzcCneR

ID: Dme5ZJ9BGhwLdnZF7ZTbmBw63FebTptgaL1yTjoMHGCc

Name: Thesis

Total amount: 100,000,000

Decimal points: 8

Type: Not reissuable

Issue Date: 03/16/2021 10:45