About Us

Dekreed is a community driven independent game development studio. We work with the firm purpose of reviving the golden age of video games, combining the spirit of yesterday with the technologies of tomorrow.


At the beginning of the year 2000, a small group of friends took the first steps towards the creation of a club of enthusiasts for the design and development of video games, opening an ideal space to share their knowledge and experiences through the discussion forums of PsyStalkers.Com.

The club grew in members until it became a community, and this, in turn, was the cradle and main ally of multiple video game development studios around the world, mainly in Latin America.

With the rise of independent video games, new opportunities and resources for digital distribution were present, but new evils also entered the scene, among them the beginning of the Creativity Crisis as a direct effect of the high competition. This caused many developers to be tempted to produce simple and often empty works, with the mere intention of carving out a small gap between the markets, trying to obtain some capital with which to maintain their operations.

If they could not achieve the goal through quality, then they would do so through quantity. This trend ended up exacerbating the problem, an excessive supply of casual video games that has been deteriorating interest in innovation and skewing the power of the imagination.

In 2010 PsyStalkers decided to divide and delimit its operation into 2 complementary angles to deal with the problem, PsyStalkers as a meeting point and learning platform, and Dekreed, acting as an assistance unit for the deployment of works produced by the community. All this with an approach aimed at recovering the virtues of the golden age of video games.

At the end of 2019, the community voted unanimously to merge all the development teams into one, with the intention of gaining sufficient operational capacity for the execution of large-scale projects, without sacrificing the fundamental characteristics of the independent spirit.

In this way, as of January 1, 2020, Dekreed officially began its operations as an international video game development studio, whose greatest strength lies in the synergy of its work team.

To date, Dekreed is in the middle of his first major project, the first chapter of the video game Varkalai - Cradle Of Fate, a work that concentrates the creativity, dedication and enthusiasm of each and every member of our community in an epic and challenging adventure. It is truly impressive how far we have come in such a short time, the result of all of us working together as a single consolidated force.

Our history is just beginning to be written and we really don't know what the future holds. Unquestionably it will be a pleasure to share our works with the rest of the world, however, it is important to emphasize that, regardless of its impact, with each completed project we will have fulfilled our purpose, because, we are creators of adventures, our genuine satisfaction is found in the forging universes, in providing life to new heroes.

This is what we are passionate about and as such it is simply priceless.


Voltaire Deveraux
Victor Citroen
Pedro Fermín
Lizz Deveraux
3D Artist
Jade Zambrano
Jilliam Camelo
Gabriel Ruíz
Efrain Acuña
Luiggi Bianco
Graphic Designer
Karil Duarte
Technical Assistant