After the end, and before creation, there is a period and a special plane of existence in which the rules that will govern the universe are written.

Seen from the outside, just a spark in the dark. From within, the ultimate expression of a troubled mind. The roar of a hypergiant machinery that with great agility and maximum experience, tears the membranes of time, mixing past with future until obtaining its quintessence.

This primal form will rest for eons in the middle of nowhere, until the chaotic flow of so many memories turns into thought, and this, in turn, into full and absolute intellect.

Once aware of its own existence, its violent awakening will start the new expansion, releasing in it the 12 Foundations. The immaterial will become tangible and time will pass once more.

This is how the first universe was born, this is how the others was born, this is how all these must be born and reborn forever, or else the stars would lose their heat and end up fading into eternal darkness.

This recurring process is known as Magna Sileo. The missing piece in the puzzle of creation, then, only the witnesses of time before time know of its existence and understand its infinite complexity.

It will be in the middle of this process that the greatest conflict will take place.

Korioss is just a child, but he must gather all his courage and determination to defend and restore hope to The Chosen, those who were trapped in the vestiges of time and whose experiences will serve as the seed to shape the new universe.

To fulfill his purpose, Korioss must find Varkalai, a legendary warrior from the Second Cycle, who was imprisoned of his own free will because he was unable to control his infinite anger and thirst for destruction.

The Game

Varkalai is an action / adventure, open world, single player, third person video game whose deep narrative and dynamic gameplay guarantee a highly immersive interactive experience.

The player assumes the role of Korioss, a child created by the Conscious Star Aldeghan and heir to all his knowledge, so that he finds a way to stop Astramos in his quest for the irreversible extinction of the universes.

The work is divided into 3 chapters; The Cradle Of Fate, Wrath Of The Forsaken, and The Overtime Addendum, each being an independent video game.


The GamePLAY

Korioss makes use of his Chakram, which is impregnated with Varkalai's soul, being able to invoke it at will during the battle as a special ability, however, its excessive use can lead to Varkalai revealing himself and attacking Korioss or any of his companions.

Having been appointed Cleric of House Aparctias (The North Tower) by Aldeghan, he is regularly accompanied by his friends; Gashin of House Notos, Zeghay of House Apeliotes and Nassae of House Zephyrus; South, East and West Towers respectively.

Varkalai's story arc combines the most controversial aspects of modern science and pseudoscience, tackling such interesting topics as parallel universes, chaos and entropy, big bang theory, big crunch and big freeze, Einstein-Rosen holes and ooparts, in addition to hundreds of winks in homage to great works of science fiction, such as Carl Sagan's Contact.

Yes, there are many universes, but only 4 points of view.
- Father Aldeghan

Both Korioss and his companions have a set of abilities and skills, according to the House they represent:


House Aparctias studies the mysteries of the mind.

Korioss is capable of manipulating his environment just by thinking about it. He can influence his Chakram and possess friendly units.


House Notos studies the mysteries of life.

Gashin is capable of manipulating the natural resources around him. He can also manipulate both friendly and enemy beasts.


House Apeliotes studies the mysteries of death.

Zeghay is capable of inflicting great pain on his enemies. He can also accelerate the deterioration of various elements of his environment at will.


House Zephyrus studies the mysteries of energy.

Nassae is capable of absorbing, manipulating, and transmuting any form of energy in the universe. He can also unleash devastating AoE attacks.

To progress in the adventure, the player must give instructions to his companions or possess them directly, both for combat, and to overcome the obstacles that he finds in his way.

The game consists of finding and destroying the Arjadi Garhejath (Obelisks of Torment) located by the army of Astramos in each of the 12 Limits. Powerful and heavily guarded artifacts, intended to distort the memory of The Chosen, sentient beings, whose memories and experiences will serve as a point of reference for the creation of the new universe.

As long as the Arjadi are standing, the Magna Sileo cannot be completed.

Following the destruction of an Arjadi and the extermination of the invading forces in a Limit, Korioss can create and deploy various defense systems to prevent its recapture.

Some Limits can be liberated by brute force, others should be captured by infiltration and sabotage.

The 12 Limits are majestic habitats located at the center of each of the edges of the universe in Magna Sileo. They are manifestations caused by the massive fusion of memories and experiences of The Chosen, who remain in these until the moment of the new expansion.


Astramos was the first and only conscious being to be created during the spontaneous expansion of the first universe, the one who, after having been subjected to the most absolute solitude for eons, ended up deciphering the relationship between the Habbaén and the Ghaiath (material and immaterial planes), thus allowing him to change state at will.

Possessor of an ancestral intellect, Astramos sees himself as the empirical perfection of consciousness, an absolute being that is unparalleled, the rightful owner of time and space, so he is not willing to share any universe with other sentient beings, considering them crude copies, inferior, redundant and unworthy of existing.

To satisfy his desire for a Pure Existence, Astramos created Baloram, an empty and insensitive being, whose sole purpose is to exterminate all sentient beings beyond his creator. This, in turn, served as the basis for consolidating the fiercest and most implacable army, the Nkiross.

Despite Baloram's efforts, the spread of sentient beings increased exponentially with each expansion, so Astramos made the decision to not allow the development of another Magna Sileo. This action implies the death of the universe and, in fact, the very disappearance of Astramos, but also represents his opportunity to experience the only event that has remained beyond his understanding.


The Development

The development of the first chapter of Varkalai, “The Cradle Of Fate” began to take place in March 2020 and has been progressing at a good pace despite the difficulties inherent to the time in which we live. Currently the game engine, along with its gameplay, are completed, leaving only the artistic work that will complement the narrative arc.

The first phase of the project was financed with private capital, provided by the founding members of Dekreed, destined to the conditioning of the workspaces, the acquisition of the minimum computer equipment and the technical and artistic team that is currently working on the project, aspects that comprise 60% ($ 90,000) of the required capital ($ 150,000).

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched through the IndieGogo platform to raise 40% of the remaining capital, destined to the acquisition of software licenses, remaining computer equipment, technical and artistic team, cloud computing platform and marketing campaigns.

You can get more information about this crowdfunding campaign and boost us if you wish, following this link:

Varkalai is being designed initially for the PC platform and its availability on other platforms will essentially depend on community feedback.



Start of the development process


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